Architect Rudy Ricciotti’s request was as precise as it was poetic: the façade had to evoke “a dust-strewn moon”. In collaboration with the Agency R.Rocciotti, we started by developing organic pattern, before confronting them to the technical constraints that are the reality of any such project. To transcribe a natural effect, we tried preserving as many combinations as possible by reproducing the pattern in eight different formats capable of covering the building with a lace-like graphics of alternating cell shapes.
Date : 

May 2013

Location : 


Company : 


Architect (Mucem creators) : 

Rudy Ricciotti and Roland Carta

Engineering : 

L-Ring et SICA

Co-graphic design facade : 

Joran Briand x Etienne Vallet

Photography : 

Lisa Ricciotti et Olivier Amsellem