Situated right in the city center, juxtaposing the iconic Parc des Princes and its prominent design, the silhouette of the Jean Bouin stadium stretches itself up with a lightness that lends an almost textile-like aspect to this ultra-high performance fiber-reinforced concrete structure (BFUP in French, UHPC in English). It’s almost as if a delicate lace veil had landed on top of the stadium. To render this play of curves visible, in collaboration with the agancy R.Ricciotti, we worked with triangular pattern. Playing with the materials’ densities, they starts like grass blades and then thickens and becomes a surface with large holes, culminating at the top in a pattern of glass cells.
Date : 

September 2013

Location : 


Company : 

Léon Grosse

Architect (Stade Jean Bouin Creator ) : 

Rudy Ricciotti

Engineering : 

L-Ring et SICA

Co-graphic design facade : 

Joran Briand x Etienne Vallet

Photography : 

Olivier Amsellem, Samuel Lehuédé