This VIA (Valorization of Innovation in Furnishing in English) partnership project brought together three players—Corentin de Chatelperron, engineer and Gold of Bengal founder, Frédéric Morand, the director of the Saintluc brand, and our studio. What we achieved was Toul, a stool made of Bangladeshi jute fiber, the ecological material whose excellent mechanical characteristics Gold of Bengal is trying to use as often as possible. This manifest-object demonstrates the qualities of this fiber, cheaper and more eco-friendly than its traditional competitors, and incites industries and investors to take interest in its various uses.
Date : 

January 2013

Partner : 

Gold of Bengal

Type : 

VIA 2013

Editor : 


Size : 

45 x 42 x 50 cm

Material : 

Fibre de jute et résine

Photography : 

Marie Flores