The new headquarters of the Orizon Group is located in the center of the town of Arradon, Brittany. This space was very constrained with a width of seven meters collected on an inclined ground. We have therefore favored bringing in as much natural light as possible by allowing the main circulation as close as possible to the glass facade and by arranging work spaces on the second day. To have maximum transparency while preserving privacy, we have created an long glass wall in wood joinery and full height glazing along the length of the glazed facade. Large mirrors are arranged opposite the facade to allow natural light. The acoustics have been worked on thanks to large thick curtains, a false ceiling in wood wool and a soft united floor, in order to provide ideal comfort of use. The entrance begins with a welcoming waiting room in the form of an alcove composed of an enveloping bench. The large curtain door of this entrance opens onto a compact reception terminal with delicate curves. In this large open-space, a long linear storage unit in natural oak allows the various employees to classify their files. Two coffee-point / Flex-office allows punctuating the space. This long hallway space leads to private offices, staff offices and a large meeting room with full-height screen one-way mirrors. At the end of this space is a large living space composed of a tailor-made kitchen, a table d'hôte, a bistro bench and a phone box. A sober silkscreen signage is applied to the glass facades inside and outside the building. The furniture, desks, meeting tables, coffee tables and suspensions were designed to measure, in order to bring a strong identity to the project while meeting the constraints of use of the program. In order to bring sincerity and elegance to this new space, we have unearthed vintage Italian light fixtures from the 70s and some minimalist works of art. We wanted to bring a domestic atmosphere to this project with the use of natural and stained wood, warm textiles and the application of potted plants. Thus, the work is like at home friendly and relaxed.
Date : 

March 2023

Team : 

Quadratis + lin&art

Client : 

Orizon group

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