The outer wall of this primary school is composed of three self-supporting boards made of cement. Each part has a different graphic design on it, transforming the wall into a large fresco. Inspired by coloring books, the drawing is a geometric composition disrupted by the inclusion of animal figures. The lines thin down towards the top as if floating away, and thicken towards the bottom of the boards to lend an impression of robustness to the building. This smart combining of boards has created a real outer wall around the periphery of the school.
Date : 

October 2013

Location : 


Material : 

High concrete

Architect : 

Chartier Dalix

Fence and fresco Graphic design : 

Studio Briand & Berthereau

Client : 

Ville de Fresnes, Semaf

Photography : 

Samuel Lehuédé and David Foessel

Fresco :