Saint Croc is a concept of fast food around the croque-monsieur of quality. Playing on the theme of the Parisian "kiosque" revisited, the roof is a nod to this emblem that was born at the same time as the famous croque-monsieur. It offers an identity and brings light to the space. It is divided into three parts: a service area and two parts reserved for catering. Minimalist furniture is positioned to offer optimal seating and intelligent flow. The atmosphere is hospitable and pleasant by the choice of warm materials such as wood and terra cota. The identity is joyous and playful with the creation of the character Mr Croc and its application on the different media of communication (menu, pin's, t-shirt etc ...)
Client : 

Saint Croc

Surface : 

70 m2

Entreprise : 

Solution Globale

Photogarphie : 

Studio Briand&Berthereau