Collaborating, concentrating, relaxing, waiting, presenting, eating, exchanging, isolating oneself, having fun are some of the needs that tertiary spaces are supposed to meet today, it is from this perspective that the Workspace range was designed. Like a tetris, the different modules of the Workspace range make it possible to meet the expectations of work spaces, third places, mixed-use areas, etc. The modular nature of the range is reflected in the design by assemblies of cubic and rectangular volumes which make it possible to create furniture that meets all uses. So if the basic structure of Workspace is a sofa, its variations (length, height of the backrest, armrest) and the associated accessories (ottoman, armchair, bench) make it possible to constitute an environment that is fully configurable and perfectly adaptable to all spaces. Workspace thus covers a very wide choice of furniture and functionality whose comfort and applications have been particularly studied in order to make it an actor of attractiveness of spaces. Electric sockets, trays and claustra partitions are also provided to complete the range. Various coating options, in a wide variety of textures and colors are available. Workspace has received the VIA / FCBA / French furniture innovation label
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January 2020