Studio Briand & Berthereau has chosen boldness by revisiting the traditional brick terracotta wine, an object from the purest Provencal tradition, inspired by the figure of the santon, a pop motif from the Provencal culture. Resolutely modern and refined by its minimalism and elegance, each brick, called "The santon", is handmade by the Provençal ceramist Jean-Paul Aiello (workshop Terres et Forms in Gardanne) from terracotta, worked in three natural shades.
Date : 

Juin 2019

Taille : 

27 x 25 cm

Matériaux : 

Céramique, terre de provence

Collaborateur : 


Client : 


Artisan : 

Jean-Paul Aiello

Photographie : 

Studio Briand&Berthereau