For this emblematic project of private office, we wanted to follow in the footsteps of the Seiz-Breur movement, the precursor of modern Celto-Breton art, whose influence is still felt today in Breton creation and culture. We've worked on a balanced design, with sober, functional forms that reflect the authentic, humble spirit of Brittany and its know-how. From a formal point of view, we use a 'V' shape, and this sculptural characteristic develops into the legs and top of the desk, the profiles of the upholstered seats and the assembly details of the door wedges and vases. The desk and seats are made from local solid oak and rest on a made-to-measure foam patterned rug. The entire furnishings are also made from oak, blending in perfectly with the historic setting and embracing the space's various embrasures and mouldings. We integrated storage units, coat racks and modular exhibition supports to display the Frac's works. The centerpiece is a sur-mesure chandelier, poetically depicting a pearl of light on an undulating body of water. The chandelier is made of natural linen fiber composite. Complementing the chandelier is a table lamp with an innovative, dimmable lighting system. This lamp is named "Belle-île" because its glass is blown on the island. he ensemble forms a veritable showcase for Breton know-how, since all the objects were designed and manufactured in Brittany. Studio Briand & Berthereau, a design agency based in Saint-Pierre-Quiberon and Paris, designed the space and the objects. The furnitures were manufactured by Hamelin, MOF cabinetmaker based in Lorient - the upholstery by Le Floch, MOF upholsterer based in Vannes - the lighting by the publisher Hisle, accompanied by the glassblower Fluide and the moldmaker Multiplast, based in Vannes and Belle-île - the concrete by the company Solid studio based in Auray.
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Hamelin + Ateliers Floch + Moooi + Solid + Hisle

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Yann Audic