Located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, close to the Porte de Versailles exhibition center, Edgar Suites has moved into a former office building that has been completely renovated to accommodate its hotel concept. Sky Hameau features 56 suites on 10 floors, with different apartment types ranging from T2 to T5 duplexes, and remarkable terraces on the top floors. Part hotel, part apartment, Edgar Suites set itself the challenge of capturing the best of both worlds. The studio worked on a reinterpretation of the artistic movements of the '20s, communicating the aesthetic of a visible " frame " combined with clean, timeless colors. The lines of the furniture are outlined in black, highlighting the sleek design of the fixtures and fittings, at the same time, it creates an overall coherence between the different types of furniture. the Suites are divided into 3 distinct color universes, with contrasting touches on the furniture.We opted for 2 warm wood species which are present in all suites, bringing an authentic elegance. The furnishings - table, high table, coffee table, armchair, pouffe and sofa - were designed especially for this hotel, and contribute to the harmony of the concept, this ensemble gives Hameau SKY its identity and offers visitors a unique experience. EdgarSuite aims to offer Suites that are welcoming and authentic, our approach has also focused on usage, offering spaces that are both user-friendly and pleasant to live in. The rooms are equipped with all the necessary comforts, in particular a micro-space niche facing the windows, with a bench and a side table to enjoy some time to yourself or to work away from it all. In living areas such as the lounge-dining room, we've also designed bench seating offering real comfort in these living spaces.In our desire to bring "life" to the space, we also selected vintage furniture such as chairs, decorative objects and artworks. to give the Suites their full soul.
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Edgar Suites

Surface : 

4090 m2 (SDP)

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55 Suites



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