The Greencity showroom is a 150sqm space which gathers meeting rooms, workspace and showroom. Studio Briand Berthereau curated the interior, furniture and graphic design of the space. The environment is composed of several indépendant boxes with different functions : réception desk, meeting room, sample cupboard, show rooms. Those minimalistic volumes are arranged in order to preserve the intimicy of the workspaces while highlighting the volumes and brutalism of this large open space. We chose to accentuate the domestic aspect of this place, in order to give a very homy feeling. This is the reason why we chose warm materials such as wood, tinted parquet floor, and textiles following the Greencity identity. The lighting and accoustic were particularily worked on to give the employees a great comfort at work.
Date : 

Juin 2018

Client : 

Greencity Immobilier

Size : 


Location : 


Photographer : 

Studio Briand&Berthereau