Located at the heart of a dynamic new island in the city of Le Havre, Jost Le Havre has given birth to a unique living space open to tourists and locals alike who wish to discover a new destination in their city. The ground floor is laid out around a concept of foodmarket stands that reflect the energy and desire to share the place. In this large space with its industrial character, different types of seating and ambience coexist, to suit all uses: high counters, restaurant-style islands, lounge benches, isolated tables, etc. The design of the panels and cladding is based on a graphic theme that harmonizes all the furnishings and fittings, sometimes metallic (underside of bar), sometimes two-tone wood (furniture), the design is resolutely graphic and dynamic. The ensemble is bathed in zones of deep blue, with a few yellow accents such as the large pendulum lamps, echoing the design of the 50s. The design of the rooms echoes the harbor city, a reinterpretation of containers in the form of elegantly lacquered headboards gives this room a strong personality. The rest of the furniture is minimalist and authentic, mostly in natural wood. It contrasts softly with the colors representative of the different bedroom finishes. On the wall, a painted metal rail gives a graphic yet functional look, allowing secondary functions (TV, mirror, coat hook) and decorative frames to be hung. The hotel offers a multiplicity of rooms (dormitory, standard room, studio) while asserting a singular design and optimal comfort of use.
Date : 

September 2023

Localisation : 

Le Havre

Team : 

CBA architect + Astore + Viriato + Bouygues construction and Linkcity

Client :