For the design of the facade we want to echo the landscape, to evoke the gusto and the sparkle of the ocean. To be the reflection of the sea we will use a standardized principle of architectural elements. These elements will be assembled on all the facades of the building according to a well-defined rhythm. This rhythm will vertically evoke the ripples of a body of water. This envelope will be more or less open like the gills of a fish to allow natural light according to the needs of the building. For materiality we turned to alumnium to give it an evanescent character. This finish makes it possible to provide seaside durability while providing qualitative materiality. The light will reflect differently on the facade during the day and the seasons. This facade will always be moving like fish scales and this white skin will be a strong and identifiable architectural event that “plays” with its surrounding landscape. At night, a controlled led-based lighting takes over to allow the facade to continue to undulate in a poetic way.
Architect : 

Studio 02

Date : 

June 2022

Material : 

Aluminium extruded

Client : 

Lorient city