La Serre is a third place located at the base of the White Tree in Montepellier. This 440m2 space is composed on the ground floor of a modular exhibition space and a friendly consultation space. Upstairs there is a co-working space composed of meeting rooms, offices, a workshop space. Studio Briand & Berthereau designed the space, the furniture and the identity. In terms of use we have brought a minimalist and modular approach to spaces so that it can adapt to changes in use. This search for modularity is found in the design and fabrication of a grid under the gallery ceiling. While marrying the form of space, this functional frame allows to hang custom-designed panels, hanging works as well as spots and to offer a perfect scenography tool.
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Nicolas Laisné, Dimitri Roussel, SFA et OXO

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Studio Briand&Berthereau