The exterior treatment of the truck is transformed by a pop envelope designed by artist Camille Walala. Kinetic device that deploys at each stopping point, this outgrowth with graphic and colorful patterns creates the event, the surprise, invites young and old to enter this almost "circus" decor. The interior is quite different, since it is designed to offer maximum functionality and modularity for exhibitions. The uncluttered scenography makes it possible to maximise the modes of presentation. Mainly composed of perforated sheets, the minimalism of the material allows a wide range of hanging, without taking precedence over the works. The whole is imagined as a unique place, a signature that fits into the landscape thanks to a strong artistic gesture, making it possible to spread modern and contemporary art to as many people as possible in rural and peri-urban areas.
Artist : 

Camille Walala

Production : 


Client : 

Mumo + Centre Pompidou

Date : 

Novembre 2020