To dress the fences of the Eole worksite at Porte Maillot, the Eole project asked the vision of Parisian artists. Visual artist and painter Philippe Tourriol invites Studio Briand & Berthereau to join him to create a work of art. A moment of grace in a hectic urban atmosphere, this creation features plant motifs designed by Philippe Tourriol, made from plants specific to the Paris region. At the heart of this changing roundabout, the posters that punctuate the palisade can be seen in motion - by walking or driving. Their shapes and graphic compositions, co-designed by Studio Briand & Berthereau and Philippe Tourriol, follow the layout of the amusement circuits hosted by the Luna Park at Place Maillot, a huge 20th century funfair. The work reveals a chromatic circle inspired by the colors of the impressionist painters, who followed the route that the future line E of the RER will take before planting their easels on the banks of the Seine and using their pigments, encapsulated in tubes then newly invented and allowing them to create outside the workshops. The creation that emerges from this life-size canvas plays with historical references as well as artistic genres to evoke the transition and elsewhere.
Client : 

Eole – Sncf

Collaboration : 

Philippe Tourriol

Production : 


Date : 

May 2020

Photographer : 

Schnepp et Renou

Situation : 

Paris – Porte Maillot