For nearly 150 years, the Remy Garnier brand has been perpetuating its know-how in art locksmithing. Resolutely turned towards the future, this one appealed to the studio to draw its first range of contemporary handle. As it was a handle, it was essential to instill a desire to grip this object, which is why we strove to find the balance between ergonomics and aesthetics. Our desire was also to highlight the quality and brilliance of the metal that composes it (nickel or brass), the facets that constitute the design of this range form strong lines and reflections. The triangular profile, also faceted, offers a different reading from every point of view. The complete range includes: kickstand, door plate, locking button, pull handle and cupboard knob.
Matériaux : 


Client : 

Rémy Garnier

Date : 

Novembre 2019

Photographie : 

Studio Briand&Berthereau