The wait. Beyond the sea, the last rays of sun gather, igniting the sky and water, pushing the swell and grazing the horizon. Suspended moment in time: on the shore, everyone stops and turns quietly to behold the spectacle. Everyone is alone facing Nature and in a sense, everyone becomes Nature. The light vanishes suddenly, plunging into the blue. Spectral colors fade one after the other. Concentration. The last wavelength is green. It will arise before throwing us back to ourselves and the course of our lives. Reflection.
Matériaux : 

Acier inoxydable poli miroir

Taille : 

Diam 100 x P 6 cm

Artisans : 

Florent Canini, Simon Merlo et Jérôme Lopez

Galerie : 

Éditions du côté

Date : 

Mai 2019