The Madame Mouette restaurant offers a breathtaking view of the oyster farm on the rocky islet of Nichtarguer. The old house of an oyster farmer hangs near the island of Saint-Cado. This venerable traveler's hotel has been restored into a food court. A large stepped terrace was designed in consultation with the architect of the buildings of France, in order to preserve the landscape on the bridge. The railings are made of edge-to-edge glass to preserve a panoramic view. The orientation of the furniture allows a breathtaking view towards the horizon. The flow of the service is done at the periphery so as not to generalize the users. The materiality of the Okoumé wood, the Corten steel, the galvanized wall lamp, the stainless steel chandelier railing, the triangular sails on the mast refer to the maritime universe. Large bespoke tables in hammered metal punctuate the space. We have kept the rhythm of the window workshops and the colors of the existing facades. The signs are hand painted. Dune plants adorn the planters at the entrances. The garlands give a guinguette and convivial aspect to this beating heart bistro in the village of Saint-Cado. Inside, in the center of the space, is the centerpiece: a large concrete bar tinted with "Glaz" shades that echoes the body of water. The canopy with galvanized steel bars supports Marie-Jeanne's bottles and compositions. On the outskirts, benches and tables in birch plywood and stainless steel make it possible to optimize a large number of seats and allow different typologies (face to face or table). The large buffets offer ideal service. Portuguese lobster earthenware, shell peg, mottled bistro seats, pampas flower bring a friendly and elegant touch to this institution
Date : 

April 2023

Area : 


Surface : 

320 m2

Client : 

LBK Restauration

Moex : 

Breiz Coordination

Photo : 

Yann Audic