La petite maison de la côte is the oyster farming and tasting site of Fréderic Lalauze, based in the Po Bay in Morbihan. The studio strictly adhered to coastal architectural standards in leaving the house in its current state. However, we have completely redesigned the interior space to provide Fréderic with an ideal work tool oriented towards the sea. The difficulty was to integrate two programs in one: an oyster farm and a tasting area. The counter is made of wood reused from the original floor, raw and durable material has been favored (burnt wood, galvanized metal, stainless steel, tarmac paint, concrete shell) in order to bring a responsible touch in this marine context. The locally sourced interior objects echo the nautical world, giving the impression of a "Kerlifornian" cabinet of curiosities composed of Surfboards, buoys, oars, seashells and driftwood. The interior layout is simple and functional, offering maximum modularity in the use of space. The elaborate lighting ambiance, like a traditional Japanese sake bar, brings out a cozy and intimate atmosphere. To refine the whole, the Briand Berthereau studio also produced the graphic identity of the place, the latter is sober, rustic and functional in the image of the oyster farming world. In summary Ty-naod is an experiential place both in terms of the setting, the atypical design, the quality products and the conviviality that emerges from it.
Client : 

Les Huitres de Fred

Surface : 

50 m2

Photo : 

Aurélien Bacquet

Place :