We collaborated with Taillandier Architectes on the signage for La Cité, a new innovation accelerator for the Occitanie Region, in Toulouse. Project for the rehabilitation of the former Halles Latécoère, we focused on the history of the place to design the signage for this 13,000 m2 building. Recovering the graphic signs traced on the tarmacs, we declined on different scales the signs of directions and positions, allowing users to orient themselves in space. The entire structure of the building is used to deploy the signage. Large totems cling to the concrete columns, allowing visibility throughout the hall. Signs on the ground distribute the passages on either side, and directional panels are custom designed and are grafted onto the brick. The information also goes through the choice of a monospace typography and a family of pictograms designed especially for the place.
Architect : 

Taillandier Associés

Client : 

Région Occitanie

Localisation : 


Date : 

September 2020

Photo : 

Studio Briand&Berthereau