The city of Saint-Etienne, which has been recognized by Unesco, has turned design into a genuine hallmark. The installation of STEEL, an exceptional shopping center conceived of by Apsys, creator of iconic places, on the joint development zone of the Pont de l’Âne-Monthieu, is a perfect example. In order to promote the emergence of a global approach, Apsys called upon the design Studio Briand&Berthereau to design the framework that will cover 30,000m2 of the shopping park. Made entirely of aluminum for its physical properties – weatherproof, infinitely recyclable – and aesthetic properties – lightweight, ages well – the mantilla covering the shopping park was developed in a simple graphic language. Covering 30,000m2, the basic modules are assembled on orthogonal grids according to several degrees of density, and then affixed to the building. This method allows for a variation in light density according to the needs of different zones throughout the building, and helps to avoid excessive graphic and architectural monotony. More than a building, this emblematic architectural symbol represents the future project in which Saint-Etienne is engaged.
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Sud Architectes x Atelier Rivat x Base

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Design facade : 

Studio Briand&Berthereau

Photography : 

Gaelle Pascal Pinoncély