The point with the board was to create a manifesto for the material. First of all, we want to show the mechanical qualities of jute fiber in a shaping context and second, experiment with embroidering. The surfboard is wide for an easy and multipurpose ride. Its average thickness allows an easy take of and the curving on this kind of soft typical waves of Bengal region. The embroidery is used as a reinforcement where the heels of the surfer hit the board during the take off. The foam based on flour and baking powder. Close to bread recipe, this foam is light, stiff and ecologically friendly.
Date : 

September 2013

Partners : 

Gold of Bengal

Sponsor : 

Cuisse de Grenouille

Size : 


Materials : 

Fibre de jute

Fabrication : 

Atao et Marie-Charlotte Marlot

Photography : 

Cyrille Weiner